The world of difference begins with commitment to Quality. Like a meticulous Swiss clockwork,RecircInvest Biotech Co., Ltd. painstakingly designs and evaluates every detail to construct the state-of-the-art, ecological Recirculated Aquaculture Systems. Our systems take into consideration how Nature purifies water and provides the ultimate water quality for aquatic species to grow. We use minimum water resource and leave no environmental footprint. Recirculated water is optimized for fish growing and is as clean as it can be. Green labeled food. No drug usage. No excessive equipment. One hundred percent thoroughbred German technology and Made in China cost-down provide the best value for our clients.

RIB core competence lies in its sound and mature Germany multi-patented technology. This technology for the past 25 years has proven its robustness in cultivating many aquatic species in various environments throughout the world. All aquatic species produced by RIB RAS will be healthy, non-toxic, pollution-free, green-labeled and safe to eat aquatic products.



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